Young Q-Dogg is an African-American rapper/producer born Daqwon Hughlett on July 8th, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin He was into music every since a little kid singing in his elementary school choir at 8 years old also carrying over to the 8th grade when he performed his very first rap he wrote on his own. As a songwriter, engineer, and also a producer, he has the assets of a businessman but portrays it as an artist. Growing up in a poor family living in a bad neighborhood he has converted to music to help him stay out of trouble and also has big dreams in the future, he has a story to tell to the youth about how he came up. From hustling on the streets and mostly having the mentality of a thug he wants to fix his mistakes and tell the world that no matter who you are you, anyone can succeed, all you have to do is try and the harder you work the more it pays off. He formed his label Lawless Victory Entertainment (L.V.E.) in 2006 and from there on has been striving to take it to the top. He also breaks down the word “Lawless” in which it’s his movement and stands for Live at will, Love every special surrounding. Thru his music he is here to tell his story about how grew up and also the past in which he claims it’s embarrassing but it got him where he is today. Thru the struggles, frustration and hard times he always manages to keep his head up and wants to tell the story of his life to influence the generations coming up. He also has a thing for motivating the ladies in his music and wants to express the love he has for them in his music no matter what race or ethnic background he hopes he can influence all women to be

independent and still do what it is that you wanna do or in his words “she has to be a hostile independent lady”. With his smooth and cool sound, visual lyrics and melodic soulful tone he hopes to share his music with the world and hopefully help effect lives and their surroundings and take it to the future.